2 Rules You Need To Know On How To Make Money Online?  

Article by Jeffrey Dibble

In order to become successful in your online business, you need to know what the buyer is thinking. If you been online marketing for sometime, you have probably understand this concept. However, I have some secrets information that I would like to share with you since it’s such an important part of making a fortune online.

RULE NUMBER #1: Do sell things which people feel is an investment to them.

Due to this economic times like now, more people are looking to the internet to search for ways to make extra income or money. People are more than willing to purchase your product if you are selling something that they see is an investment to them rather something that is good value, great purchase but they do not need it. So, if you can sell something that will enable people to earn money out of their purchase, than it will be easier.

When consumers receiving value for products that they purchase, they will regard this as investment. This is a very simple concept. In order to help you understand more the concept, let me give an example.

A good example of this type of item to sell right now would be a product that shows one how to “earn extra income at home”. Since this type of product is an investment in oneself and since it will “pay back” what one has spent on the product. This is what I mean by “selling only things to people which they think are an investment to them”.

Where do you start? My honest accessment and the fastest to get started is through Internet.

It’s quite simple really, just become an affiliate of a product that is ALREADY selling extremely well! Don’t worry, for those of you who don’t know what an “affiliate” is, I’ll explain. You sell a product which isn’t yours, and make a commission for each sale you generate. For example, if you sell a product that pay .00 commission per sale and you make 100 sales, then 100 x .00 = 5500.00, not bad for part time job? Imagine, if you are doing this for full time.

It’s really very easy to become an affiliate for a product. There are millions of free websites where you can easily create your own affiliate program where is so easy so that you can start selling right away! I would recommend you start with Clickbank. They have millions of great affiliate products for you to choose and start making sales.

The key to being successful with ClickBank is to sell one of their products that are considered an “investment” to a potential buyer. This is the key to making a fortune through online business. I am sure you have heard that many millionaires who have been made it this way.

So start now! It’s really not that difficult Earning LOTS OF MONEY ONLINE! It is hard if you don’t know how?

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, then watch these step-by-step video tutorials I’ve created that explain the above in a video format, with examples! Click here to watch these step-by-step video tutorials

Rule #2: Make sure you DON’T PITCH your potential buyer the Tycoon Cashflow product.

Do as I did in this email – Just give them some good tips and ways to earn money during this difficult economic downturn. You may have noticed I did not mention anything at all about buying my product, Tycoon Cashflow. Had I done so, they may have felt pressured and resulted in them being turned off anything else I had to say, regardless of how good that information may have been.

Its’ been proven that by providing people with a lot of high quality FREE information, they are more inclined to purchase your product eventually. Again, notice how the last few sentences in my article read:

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, then watch these step-by-step video tutorials I’ve created that explain the above in a video format, with examples! Click here to watch these step-by-step video tutorials

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